Friday, March 30, 2012

What is Tomáš Rosicky doing?

So Arsenal are on the best run in a couple of years, 'big' teams have been brushed aside and I can't think of a team in Europe that won't hesitate before taking on Arsenal right now. We are a handful when we get going aren't we? Oh yes. We are on a roll!
In the game against Aston Villa last week, I could not take my eyes off Rosicky. No, it was not because of his perfectly silky hair. It was because of some seriously slick football the man was playing. It just made me realize how much Arsenal have missed him. Injuries have played spoil sport again here. Anyways, long spells on the sidelines had pushed Rosicky into a cherished memory. We all knew he was class, technically absolutely amazing. But he wasn't on the pitch. Many an Arsenal fan deemed him 'deadwood'. So, the game last week got me thinking about Rosicky's role in the team, what he has been doing. Rosicky has been crucial in some of the large victories lately. Think spurs. Here's my take on it.
I happened to watch great videos on Rosicky's performance in the last few weeks. Have a look at his performance against Aston Villa here. His role in the team is essential to say the least. Rosicky is the reason Walcott has found his pace again. We all know that Walcott needs a good full back and Sagna does more than enough justice to that. We have seen how Walcott's performances have improved after Sagna has come back. But it's not just Sagna who has helped Walcott, it's Rosicky as well.
Rosicky plays a little higher up the pitch, behind the two wingers and our striker. When the ball is played to Rosicky, he makes a small run with it, he retains possession, and releases the ball when our wingers have gotten into runs in the right positions. Rosicky's biggest quality is his timing of releasing the ball. His understanding of the game. His run with the ball and clever twisting and turning, gives Walcott enough time to find comfortable space. And then Rosicky plays the ball to him. Walcott is a good player, but he needs good players around him still to get the best out of him. In the last few weeks Walcott and Rosicky have been amongst our best players. Rosicky has found his game again, and he has helped Walcott find his. It's great to see how the players are complimenting each other. This may seem like a simple enough thing, but it has played a key role in our recent run of wins. Rosicky is getting the best out of Walcott. And when Walcott gets the ball in a good position with space, few defenders can stop him. Arsene has found a lethal combo here. And it's working like beer and pizza for us. Good times.
However, this revival of Rosicky seems to have turned quite a few fans against Ramsey. Yes, there have been no fireworks there. But this is his first full season, he's a talented youngster who has done well enough to come back from a horrific injury. Let's give him some time, I still think he's going to be one of the best in a few years time!
That seems to be it. QPR tomorrow then, let's look forward to another great game! As always keep the faith. 
Oh and thanks to great videos on Rosicky by Alex A Carpenter (@CarpenterAAA11) on his YouTube page.

Rosicky vs Spuds



  1. Perfectoo !!! One word that comes to me when I think of Rosicky is "WARRIOR". He plays like a Warrior of the team. What a Player. Little Mozrat

  2. His energy and passion are brilliant! Amazing player!