Sunday, March 11, 2012

Longest Weekend.

You know why I am saying that. A weekend without an Arsenal game, just not a weekend. Although seeing Liverpool and Spurs face defeat does make up for it a little bit. 
All the good in the world right now seems to happen to Arsenal. In recent weeks we've won everything, and our competitors have lost everything. Podolski seems to be done and just has to arrive in London and smile in front of the camera wearing an Arsenal jersey (Yes, I know it isn't official, seems close though, does it not?). And we have only seen positive news on the injury front, Jack seems to be getting closer and all the others bar Diaby seem to be back! Clearly, if there is a god, he's turned into an Arsenal fan. 

Anyways, I am pleasantly surprised by Arsenal signing a player before the transfer window. There seems to have been a change of mind upstairs, and the fans love it. Podolski is exactly what we have been crying out for, right? A proven player, not an 'un-cut diamond'. A big name signing, someone every player at the club will look up to. Also at the perfect time, he's 26 right now and will play his top game at Arsenal. Something a lot of past players at Arsenal, didn't do. I love Cesc, but it's him I talk about. Either ways, Podolski seems to be perfect for Arsenal right now, some also claim such a signing will help convince Van Persie to sign a new contract. 
Coming to that, I know Van Persie has said that he will talk about his contract only after the season, but something tells me he will stay. With Cesc I had a constant feeling that he will go, a feeling encouraged by his constant flirting with Barcelona. And Nasri just decided to behave expensive after a couple of months of good football. I do not see any of the two situations arise with Robin. He's playing well and he seems to want to lead this team somewhere. He really is the ideal captain, and an ideal captain does not leave things when the going gets difficult, he stays put and makes the change he wants to see. And I'm sure Robin will. Does seem like I'm writing a Cesc-bashing post, does it not? So be it. 

Coming to the game on Monday night, I think we will be very close to full strength. Szczesny, Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen and Gibbs at the back. Arteta, Song and Rosicky in the middle. And Gervinho, RVP and Walcott up front. Newcastle is a good team and a good football club, but I do not see this team lose after the couple of weeks we've had. Rosicky is in the form of his life and if he continues that, Newcastle will have trouble just dealing with him. Forget Van Persie up front. 
Honestly, I would love to see Oxlade-Chamberlain in the role he played against Milan, but he's been sick all week and Wenger has said he's going to be cautious with him. So I doubt he will have a large part to play. All said and done, no Joey Barton this time so maybe we can rule out any sort of provocation this time. I expect we will win and remain fourth with just a point behind Spurs. "Best North London team". Still laughing over that.
All that there is to it, I think Arsenal will finish third this season. And have Van Persie and Podolski next season. Look forward to the game on Monday. 
As always, keep the faith. (Do I need to say that anymore?).   

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