Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thank You, Arsenal

In my last post I mentioned how Arsenal might be on the brink of history against Milan. But it still seemed far off. 
I mentioned how an early goal will lead to Arsenal dominating the game. And scoring goals with relative ease. The atmosphere before the game was absolutely amazing, online, offline and at The Emirates. Arsenal started the game in the best possible way, Koscielny scoring a header of a corner in the 6th minute. This was the goal that we needed. It set things off perfectly. After that Arsenal kept having a go at Milan. A special word in for Rosicky, he almost seems like a new player. Running the entire game for Arsenal, brilliant brilliant game by the Little Mozart. And, he was the one to get our second goal, with a cheeky little shot that sneaked in. Belief now seemed to flow out of every Arsenal player on the pitch. Oxlade-Chamberlain proved that he is more than ready for the big stage. Playing against the Italian champions in the champions league, he looked comfortable and assured that he can play as an attacking midfielder. He didn't seem out of position and did enough to track back when required. Clever movement by him in the box won Arsenal the penalty that Van Persie converted perfectly! 3-0 and just half time! Scoring 2 more goals in the next half should be do-able right? At half time we were in a much better position than I had hoped. This was again, one of the most glorious moments as an Arsenal fan, what a fight back! I said it then and I will say it now, there is no other team that could have put in such a performance after a 4-0 loss in the first leg. I think I say this for all Arsenal fans, I loved that moment. We all know what happened in the second half, we didn't score another goal and we didn't go through. But that moment at half time was enough to make this game one of the best moments ever. Who would have thought at the start of the season that this Arsenal team was going to beat Milan 3-0? Nobody right? This is a great Arsenal team, with team spirit that I'm sure can match the best ever Arsenal teams. In the second half the players seemed tired and rightly so, they had played 3 games in the previous week some of them. Arsenal didn't go through, but we went out like champions. The long nosed Ibrahamovic said in his interview how he feared Arsenal would score every time we attacked. This was the brilliance of this team. The brilliance of the performance that they put in. Yes, we have not won a trophy in the past 7 years, well, I don't care. It's for moments like these that you support a football team. And how many moments like these do teams around us produce? Not many. It's an honor to support this team, this football club. I know that the players will be proud of the performance that they put in. And they should be, they should know that the fans are proud of them and their performance. I think I can finally say that the belief is back within the fans as well, and we have the players to thank for that. And hence I say, Thank You, Arsenal. Thank you for moments like these. I know we will win a trophy soon, and it will be with these players only. I can look at these players and not worry about wether they will be at The Emirates next year or not, something we could not do in the previous years. Something tells me that all these players will remain with Arsenal and win that trophy. 
As always, keep the faith. Sometime now till the next game. But an important one nonetheless. Newcastle then.

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