Saturday, September 1, 2012

Arsenal in crisis? Not even slightly.

It's been a while since I wrote a post. And a lot has happened since then. To sum it up, Podolski, Giroud and Cazorla have come in, and mainly Robin and Song have left us. There hardly seems any point in discussing that, plenty of posts have done so! There are majorly two "crisis" Arsenal seem to be in 1. Not scoring goals and 2. Not buying enough players. I shall call them Crisis-1 and Crisis-2, respectively.
Moving on to the start of our season. Two games, two goal less draws. Not great, but not too bad either, considering the fact that one of the games was against Stoke, a team that has always bullied Arsenal physically. But something that seems to be worrying Arsenal fans is the lack of goals. Or no goals at all. Honestly, that does not worry me one bit. Losing Robin is a big loss, but I don't think that will lead to Arsenal not scoring goals. And here is why - In 2011-12 Arsenal scored 74 goals, third highest in the league, in 2010-11 Arsenal scored 72 goals, second highest in the league, in 2009-10 Arsenal scored 83 goals, third highest in the league and in 2008-09 Arsenal scored 68 goals, second highest in the league. Now, if you look at these past few years and think about the number of strikers, attacking midfielders and attacking formations Arsenal have played, it's a huge huge number. But Arsenal have always managed to score a huge number of goals. This shows, that apart from maybe last year, Arsenal have not been reliant on one player to score over a long time. We have changed players, but have always scored goals! The answer is, the way Arsenal play, the philosophy with which we play, leads to goals. Arsenal's silky attacking playing style is responsible for the goals. This is helped by having an able striker up front. But, are Giroud and Podolski not able? Yes they are! And that will ensure that Arsenal will score in coming games. That should be the least of our worries. Rather I think we have had a strong start to the season, with our defense looking absolutely brilliant, that too without Szczesny, Sagna and Koscielny. The key to Arsenal doing well this season will be to concede fewer goals, have a stronger defense, and I think we are well on track there. So,  Crisis-1 not so much a crisis.
Moving on to address Crisis-2, Robin and Song left us. Let's say, for the sake of convenience, that together they helped us score 30 goals last season. Just Robin and Song together. Are not Podolski, Giroud and Cazorla capable of scoring those many together? Again, yes they are! I think more than 30 goals. This year we may not have one super goal scorer, but combined together I think Arsenal can score more. If you are going to say that we cannot be sure that they will score those many, then let me ask you, before last season did you ever think Song and Robin would combine to score the goals they did? Or that Robin would play every game? No. No one did. That's how football is. If we look at the midfielder in Song that we have lost, we have gained Diaby and Wilshere. Arn't those two enough to replace Song? They are. If you say that they are injury prone, wasn't Robin also? Hence, I can safely say, Crisis-2, is laughable.
I would have loved Arsenal to add to the current team too, but not doing so, is far from a crisis. We have successfully replaced all our outgoing players and are in a really good shape. I have said this before, amongst the madness in the football world right now, Arsene seems to be the only sane one. Trust him to do a good job, as he always has. Any team, player or fan thinking Arsenal are weaker this season is kidding himself. Keep the faith.
Liverpool tomorrow then! Expect goals. 
The goals are coming.