Monday, March 19, 2012

Mr. Stan Kroenke. Behind the silence, is a genius.

Stan Kroenke is a sports entrepreneur from America. His company currently owns Denver Nuggets, Colorado Rapids, Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Mammoth, St. Louis Rams and is the majority shareholder of Arsenal. However, we got to know most about him after April of 2011 when it was announced that he would own 62.89% of Arsenal. That was when Arsenal fans turned to look at him, wondering if Arsenal was going to join the 'big-spending' club?
Since then, it has become a known fact that the Arsenal board opted for Kroenke to resist the pressure exerted by Alisher Usmanov. Whenever I think of Usmanov, a certain Russian comes to my mind. Oh yes, Roman Abramovich it is. The mighty tycoon, who owns Chelsea. He spends big on big players and sacks managers twice in a season. Well, okay. Would Usmanov be how Roman is at Chelsea? I know not. But, I have a cheeky feeling that he might have been. So you've started thinking that would have been perfect? We would probably have players like Gotze already with us? We would be on our way to a double? I think not. And here is why.
I have been and always will be a big big supporter of Arsene Wenger. He has pulled us through a tough financial time, something no other manager would dare to do. When Kroenke became the majority shareholder, I remember Wenger saying that he should be in charge of the football. Kroenke agreed. And that was it, fans knew that Kroenke was not going to spend big, because Wenger was in charge. This was a time, when Arsenal fans were yelling out for proven stars, but Wenger stuck to his guns. A lot has been blamed on Kroenke. He hasn't interacted with the fans, he's remained silent and nobody knows what he plans. In one such instance, there were reports that the players did not even recognize him. I agree, he is not like the other owners, he isn't present on all the matches and he is hardly ever in the news. I'm sure you agree with me till now. Agree with me on just one more thing, even on their worst days, Arsene Wenger, Peter Hill-Wood and Ivan Gazidis amongst many others at Arsenal, know more about football than Kroenke does. 
The best way to run any organization is to hire the best people and then let them run the show. Kroenke had the best people available and he is letting them run the show. I say these are the best people because the have together pulled us through some of the most challenging times. Stan Kroenke trusts them to do a good job. And that is what a good leader does. He gives Wenger the freedom and the power to call the shots. Would you rather have an owner whose manager is just a puppet? I wouldn't. Would you rather have an owner who sacks a manager every year? Treats his players as if they are disposable? I wouldn't. 
Would you rather support a club that leaves no legacy? I wouldn't. Stan Kroenke is involved, but he trusts Arsene Wenger to run the daily show. That is the sign of a good leader. He clearly knows how to run an organization and I'm happy we have an owner who thinks before he does. Who consults with the people running the show and takes a collective decision. Spending big is a short term thrill. To be at the top for a long time, you need people like we have. The biggest trait of a leader is to trust his subordinates to do the right thing at the right time. Stan Kroenke does just that.
This team will win a trophy again, and we'll do it the right way.
Till then keep the faith. Pray for Muamba.

"I'll let you do what is right" "You do that"

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