Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pray for Fabrice Muamba

I write this as a football fan and a human being. There are very few moments in football, when probably all the fans in the world think in unison. When every fan in the stadium hopes for the same result. When, irrespective of what jersey you wear and which player you celebrate, we all come together hoping for the same. 
On saturday, at White Hart Lane, we witnessed one such event, where a completely fit player suddenly collapsed, not moving at all and seemingly not breathing either. In no time at all, Fabrice Muamba was surrounded by paramedics and concerned colleagues. It's a sight nobody ever wants to see. A sight that sent shivers down millions of peoples spines, within minutes 30,000 yelling, screaming fans were silenced, all praying for the same result, that Fabrice Muamba would move or show some sign of encouragement. He was taken off the field straight to the ambulance and the match was abandoned. I hear that Tottenham fans chanted Muamba's name as he was carried off. In the ambulance, he started breathing again and is 'critically ill' now, in a hospital in London. I'm an Arsenal fan, and Tottenham are our rivals. However, I congratulate every Tottenham fan who chanted Muamba's name, for showing respect and sporting spirit. It's a quality that should be admired and is much needed in football fans today.
It was a terrible scene to witness, Van der Vaart's face said it all. Fabrice Muamba has always been described as a warm person, it was touching to read about his early life, when he fled his country as a refugee and came to England, to become the spectacular football player he is. I can only imagine how difficult it would have been for him then, and kudos to him for achieving what he has today. Clearly, he's a fighter. Great article about his early life, "Fabrice Muamba: The refugee who has made football his home" by Daniel Taylor on
Here is what disgusted me, I came across a video today titled, "Loser spazzes out between a match". I was shocked at the ignorance and the heartlessness shown by some fans. The racial abuse that was directed at him is unbelievable. It's time football picked up a zero tolerance policy against racism. These are moments when everyone, irrespective of the team they support, where they come from, what color is their skin and other such insignificant comparisons come together to support a fellow human being. Not only when such a moment takes place, but even otherwise, racism should not be tolerated. Even by fellow fans. If you are one such fan, I'd like to tell you, that even the team you support would be ashamed to have you as their fan. It's time to grow up. We are all passionate about our teams and football, but we should know where to draw a line. I hope such fans will realize their mistake and change their outlook.
Fabrice Muamba is now in the intensive care unit in a hospital and the next 24 hours are critical for his life. I urge you to pray for him and his family, irrespective of which team you support, where you come from, what race you belong to and what is the color of your skin. Here is a human being who needs all the good wishes possible right now, that's the least you can do for him right now.
As I said, he's a fighter, I'm sure we'll see him back in no time. I wait for the day he will play football again. Till then, keep the faith. He will be back, mark my words. Let's all pray for him in the meantime.

Our good wishes are with him


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