Saturday, March 3, 2012

Anfield then. Where this game will be won.

This has been an absolutely beautiful week hasn't it, gooners? Let me spell it out, we begin by beating Spuds 5-2, I'm still not tired of that, there has been positive news on the Podolski front, although I think theres much more to it that meets the eye. Anyways, more on that later. More exciting matters on hand before, Arsenal go to Anfield. An important clash as Liverpool also are in contention for fourth place and winning here will be announcing that Arsenal are favorites for Champions League next season.
So, a few niggling injury worries, RosickyVan Persie and Vermaelen, hopefully they will have some part to play, as in recent games they have all been outstanding. Honestly, I just don't see why Arsenal should not win today, the team is charged up and it's an important game, but are against a Liverpool team that have just won a trophy. Fine, we'll call it the 'Micky Mouse Cup'. Either ways they have reason to be positive.
Here are some points I think might be important. 
Firstly, all eyes on Walcott, he turned quite a few heads last week and everyone is eager to watch him again. He will either feel the pressure or will be as confident as possible, dying to have a go. Here is why today is going to be an important game for him. He'll be up against Enrique, who has plenty of pace, so Walcott is going to have to use his head a little, maybe drift in from time to time just to make it difficult for Enrique to tail him. This game for Walcott is going to be more about clever movement than pace. However, should he drift in and take Enrique with him, Sagna is going to have the time of his life. Walcott is going to have an impact today, let's get behind him!
Secondly, Suarez will be up to the usual, slimy runs in and around the defense. But I don't know why I'm mentioning this because Koscielny loves to keep strikers in his pocket and there's where Suarez will find himself today. Seriously, how brilliant is Kos? Love him.
And finally, congesting your own half and dropping long balls in Arsenal's half seems to be the way to go against us (sheeesh!), so I'm guessing the troll like Adam will be given the duty to launch long balls over the top. It will be up to Song or Rosicky to keep him quite. Should they succeed, the ball will remain in Liverpool's half with Arsenal looking for a gateway. Don't be so pessimistic, we will find one.
Well, that seems to be about it, I have a feeling keeping Liverpool's long balls in check will have a lot to do in the game. But I think this Arsenal team is more than capable of it. Victory will keep us 10 points above Liverpool, although they will have a game in hand. I feel assured that we will put in a great performance today. Arsenal fans, do you're part and get behind the team.
Until after the game then. As always, keep the faith.
Watch this, you'll have a laugh.

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