Monday, February 13, 2012

Midway. Almost.

This has been an exciting season. And it's just February. Right from the offset! The much talked about departure of Cesc, and the slightly less spoken, more abused, departure of Nasri. A sleepy summer and an explosive last day at the transfer window. Oh, in between came the Old Trafford game. A disaster some said, others said Arsenal is going to be in a relegation battle. Then we started climbing, and got closer to where we belong on the table. Come January, we got a legend back- Thierry Henry, stationary and otherwise. The Leeds game goes down in history books. All in all, Arsenal sit at fourth now, uncomfortable but there.

This was all with the team and the players, we've had a few shocking performances. But even more shocking has been the reactions of fans. I'm sure nobody wanted the departures of Cesc and Nasri and I'm sure most gunners hoped for better summer signings (Hazard is all over the place). But, what we do not seem to see is that every player at Arsenal is a world class talent! Yes, they do lack the 'winning mentality', but that just comes with time.
Most of us would have loved to see more high profile signings in January, maybe Podolski. We were all disappointed a little, but the transfer window's shut now, and nothing can be done. Rather than complain about the lack of transfer activity after every defeat, all the fans should concentrate their energy on spurring the team on. Every single player. Irrespective of his performance (hey, bin bag boys, wake up). It's easy to support when the team's on the brink of silverwear. But that's probably when they need it least! Arsenal needs it now. They need 60,000 yelling fans at every home game. Let's make sure we give it to them. This team is closer to success than we think. We'er in the Champions League, FA Cup and the League yet, maybe silverwear is on the way! Even if it isn't, it's not far. Sooner rather than later, this team will make the final push it has to to win trophies, with or without a particular player. Till then let's make sure we support every player, even on a bad day, let's compel the players to give their best, come the offseason again we'll talk about required additions and subtractions. Until then, it's about the players we have now.
Keep it positive.

Until Milan then, big night!

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