Sunday, February 19, 2012

Arsenal Forever.

We're out of the FA Cup and staring at our seventh consecutive year without a trophy. It's difficult to overturn the damage that was done in Milan. Things seem pretty gloomy. 
Honestly, I expected Arsenal to come out all guns blazing against Sunderland, eager to prove the critics wrong. Eager to show people that the Milan game was a one-off. Eager to prove their class. 
I'm sure that the players gave it their best, but it just did not seem to happen. Sunderland wanted it more, they played a closed, congested game. We kept plenty of possession, but it looked like the midfield just ran out of ideas eventually and gave the ball away. Yesterday, there was a lack of sharpness, the lack of that final killer pass, that unlocks the defense and let's us walk the ball into the net. The kind of pass that Arsenal are known for. Balls over the top and quick counter attacks hurt us when we were pushing ahead.  The team in blue yesterday did not look like the Arsenal most fans know or are used to seeing. 
So, basically we had a poor game, and theres hardly anything to play for in this season except Champions League qualification. The fans are already talking about changes during the summer, but that is some way off. Most fans seem to take every defeat as an opportunity to lash out at Arsene Wenger, Djourou, Arshavin, Squillaci and many more. Arsene was not at fault yesterday, the players need to repay the faith that he has in them. They need to realize that they need to step up, and get results. Fans seemed to have forgotten what Arsene Wenger has done for this club. Celebrity fans and otherwise.
The title of this post seems to be the title that should have been after a huge victory, well, like I said before, this Arsenal team needs support now. Yes, things don't seem to be going our way, but crying out for Wenger to resign does not help. Instead let's get behind this team. We should let the players know that they will always have our support, and that they need to show commitment on the field in return. But not through abuse, but through continuous support.
This is not how any of us would want the season to be, but fans are not only there to celebrate the good times, but to stick with the team during the bad times. A large number of fans yesterday claimed that they've 'had enough' of Arsenal. Well, don't come back to the team after Arsenal is at the top again. And believe me, we will be at the top again. Every team goes through difficult times, but when the difficult times are through, two things remain - A champion team and the most loyal fans. 
Barcelona had a number of trophy less years before they started their domination of Europe. The good time fans can leave, but be sure of this, Arsenal will bounce back.
The last two games have exposed all of Arsenal's weaknesses, it's difficult to explain why we always seem to suffer the same sort of defeat. But, let's leave all the explaining to the team and the manager, and let's do our bit of supporting the team. The away fans yesterday were brilliant, thats what this team needs, we win together and we lose together. 
I don't know how long will it take for Arsenal to win the title again, but I do know, that I will support this team till then and beyond. As should everyone who call themselves Arsenal fans.
I supported them when they won the title at White Hart Lane, when they went 49 games unbeaten and I support them now, when they haven't won a trophy for the last seven years.
At the end of the day, I'm proud to call myself an Arsenal fan, and I always will be.
And that's why, I have said and I will say. Arsenal Forever. Arsene Knows. Keep the Faith. 
Arsenal Forever. Forward.

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