Friday, February 24, 2012

Arsenal have turned a corner. Now.

The week's gone, and finally I seem to have forgotten about the Sunderland game. However, much has been happening since then, which has said a lot about Arsenal. Over the past few years I have read a lot of posts talking about how Arsenal have turned a corner since the epic Invincible's team. And since then we've turned quite a few corners!
After the Milan game, Wenger was unusually critical about the players, not that he had a choice, but I haven't seen our manager react that way often. It just got me thinking if Arsene Wenger had finally come to the conclusion that the players had let him and his faith in them down. After the Sunderland game, much was said about how Arsenal runs and everyone right from Wenger to the board was criticized for it. 
I said it earlier this week and I'm saying it again, I want Wenger to stay. But the board should start suggesting changes and ensure that they happen. The board should not be stagnant, they need to push for change. Be more ambitious.
The people who lead Arsenal have achieved great things with the club and are hence justified in having confidence in how they think. However, it does not seem to be working. Now, the average age of the Arsenal board members is 73, with all due respect, at that age bringing about a change of ways and being ambitious can be difficult. Maybe the change is not needed in the players and the manager, but more at the top, forcing change all the way down?
Maybe Stan Kroenke needs to have a look at the team at the top.
AST has been all over the place talking about the financial situation at the club. They estimate that we should have £55 million at the end, however this will reduce substantially if we do not qualify for the champions league. This makes it even more important for us to qualify for the Champions League. 
A day later, there has been news that Stan Kroenke is in London and that Arsenal and we might have £100 million to rebuild. Now that is why I say Arsenal have turned a corner. Never before have I heard an amount like that being associated with Arsenal. The Sunderland defeat seems to have woken up a few people at the club, things seem to be moving, albeit it's too early to say in which direction. But things seem to be changing. In the summer Wenger made a few 'Un-Wenger' like signings and now there is talk of him losing patience with Theo Walcott. Theo is a good player, but what seems to go against him is that he hasn't grown in past few years. For me, he's still an impact substitute. Reading in various blogs and articles it looks like Wenger has finally learnt that a few players have consistently let him down. And I agree with him. If it's true that we have money to rebuild and we're after players like Podolski and GotzĂ©, then Arsenl have turned a corner. Maybe Wenger finally is going to bend his rules. Maybe the night is darkest before the dawn.
Talking go money, apparently we didn't spend in January to save the money for a 'rainy day' - No Champions League. Again, what bothers me here is the thought process, we seem to be preparing for no champions league next year and I just do not like the thought of that. Well, hopefully we won't have to watch Arsenal play on thursday nights! Oh, and if we do, Ivan Gazidis has agreed that the ticket prices should be discounted and has frozen the ticket prices for the time being. That is definitely positive news for Gooners. 
That seems to be it. At the end of the day, I'm glad that there seems to be some changes taking place than defend the way we are, and keep going down. All we can do now is fight whatever goes against us, and we seem to be doing that. Just a little late.
Let's believe things are moving in the right direction. Things change quickly in football.
North London Derby coming up next then, never wanted Arsenal to win one so badly. But that's what I say before every derby. 
Till then, watch this. Love the way the players start the game.

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